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We are a local husband and wife team passionate about providing healthy, convenient meals in support of peoples busy lives. We come from health, allied health and also fitness. 

We KNOW how good a low carb high fat keto style nutrition plan is, even if it's only for the meals you eat before bed. 

We KNOW how excess carbs and sugar can be inflammatory and add to the waistline (and organs). That is why we created KDM! A high quality, premium LCHF keto style meal & delivery service.

We use quality ingredients (no skimping) to deliver meals that are READY TO EAT and FRESH & CONVENIENT. Just pop the lid and heat/eat. It's pretty simple to us - if we don't like the flavour, we won't make it. We are pretty fussy when it comes to that.

We believe that you simply won't find the flavour that we have with any of the big chains. Thats the magic of going local - quality and care before profits.

Ditch the supermarket, ditch the kitchen and get Keto Delivered Meals, fresh to your door every Saturday. Made fresh every Friday. Order cut off Tuesday pm.

We trust you will enjoy our work.

Steve and Nancy.

Enquiries - ketodeliveredmeals@gmail.com