Keto Flu - What is it?

What is the Keto Flu?

Quick Tips –
You may feel flat when beginning a LCHF/Keto nutrition program.
Quick fix – electrolytes.
Typically short in duration 1-2 weeks.
You will likely have more energy after this period than when you started.
If ever in doubt (Diabetic Ketoacidosis) refer to your GP.
Simply put -
The ‘Keto Flu’ is often referred to as the signs & symptoms of fatigue, headache, lack of motivation, muscle cramps, dizziness, sugar cravings, brain fog, irritability, nausea, insomnia & is all normal with a sudden reduction in carbohydrate consumption and the transition to ketosis.
As mentioned above, when carbs are reduced rapidly on a Ketogenic or Low Carb High Fat diet, insulin levels drop and your liver begins burning glycogen stores & converting fat into ketones. Your cells then consume the ketones, as an energy source instead of the carbs. If you have been on a regular diet with moderate to high levels of carbohydrates, your brain and other organs are letting you know that this is their adjustment phase. This is when you are likely to experience the annoying ‘Keto Flu’ symptoms mentioned above.
In addition to this, you will likely notice an increase in urination, also contributing to a loss in electrolytes, typically, more so during the first week to ten days. It is essential to consume more electrolytes during this time.
Take it easy with exercise during this time and once again, consume electrolytes.
If the transition is becoming a bit much for you, perhaps instead of jumping right in to an eating plan of less than 20g carbs/day, slowly reduce the amount of carbs/day you consume from where you were, prior to the program.
Consider consuming more oils/fats like coconut oil/avocados. They may help ease you into it, though also take it easy here as oils may cause stomach upsets and diarrhoea. A word of caution though, when more oils/fats are added to a diet of carbs, understand that this this is a recipe for weight gain and should only be considered for a brief transition to a reduction in carbs -> an increase in oils/fats -> LCHF/Keto eating plan.
The good news is, the Keto Flu discomfort is temporary.
The benefits of a Low Carb High Fat/Keto diet can last a lifetime!


Disclaimer - The information provided here within does not constitute medical advice. Seek professional medical advice when undertaking a new health regime.